Video Security Cameras


Video Security Cameras

Protect and secure your environment from every angle, from fixed video security systems to concealed weapons detection, ERS Wireless delivers sophisticated video security solutions for organizations across Indiana and northern Kentucky. You can customize video security cameras and accessories to safeguard workers, visitors, and sites.

Fixed Video Security Systems

With a variety of camera options available, it is easy to implement the right camera for each location. With multi-sensor cameras for vast areas, fisheye cameras for a bird’s-eye view, and high-definition cameras for poorly lit areas, video security cameras can help deter threats and enhance visibility across your facility.

Our customized video security systems feature AI and converged technology that solves for safer environments to increase awareness and deter crime. Video analytics support fast response and smart security.

Bullet, Dome, PTZ, Box, Fisheye, and Quad Cameras

High-definition cameras from Avigilon and Pelco make sure that your organization is covered from every angle. Video security systems encompass customizable cameras designed for public safety and easy access, including bullet cameras, dome cameras, PTZ cameras, box cameras, fisheye cameras, and quad cameras.

Video Intercom Readers

Cloud-based control for advanced security and a superlative user experience, video intercom readers integrate video, audio, and call routing to protect people and properties and spur faster response times. Converging multiple forms of access control into one reliable device, video intercom readers bring together AI and video security for critical communications and remote management.

L6Q Quick Deploy LPR Camera

License Plate Recognition

Concealed Weapons Detection

Quickly identify potential threats with concealed weapons detection, featuring advanced sensors, analytical cameras, and artificial intelligence. This touchless screener from Evolv Technology can screen more than 3,600 people per hour without requiring visitors to empty bags or pockets. 

Concealed Weapon Detection