Wide-area and Nationwide PTT

Seamlessly connect your team across the country with push-to-talk across devices, networks, and locations.

Achieve nationwide connectivity with the simple push of a button, delivering dependable, cost-effective, and scalable solutions to meet your organization’s present and future communication requirements.

ERS Wireless instantly connects teams across locations, devices, and networks with wide-area and nationwide push-to-talk communications designed for professionals on the go. 

You can take push-to-talk and data further with instant, cost-effective, communications across multiple networks and devices. Increase productivity and safety with wide-area and nationwide push-to-talk that remove boundaries and roadblocks and meet all of your teams’ communications needs. 

Nationwide connection with the push of a button is reliable, cost-efficient, and scalable to serve your organization today and tomorrow. Stay connected nationwide. Transform your team’s communication with ERS Wireless wide-area and nationwide PTT solutions. Keep your team productive and safe wherever they are.