Video security solutions from ERS Wireless provide the right information at the right time

Powered by AI and advanced video analytics, video security systems from ERS Wireless support 24/7/365 security and critical communications for organizations.

Video security cameras, access control, video management software, CommandCenter, and mobile video systems combine to create a comprehensive security solution that covers your organization inside and out, across locations and time zones. You can scale up, connect across devices and networks, and manage your security operations remotely and in person with flexible video security options.

We help schools, health care, government agencies, manufacturers, and communities implement the latest video security technology that makes it easy to manage cameras, access control, alarms, and sensors from a single platform.

Video Security Cameras

Protect and secure your environment from every angle

Covering your business, school, or jobsite from every angle, video security cameras from ERS Wireless make video security simple and scalable.  

As an Avigilon Plus Partner, ERS Wireless can design, install, and maintain your video security system. We can take disparate systems such as your radio system, access control system, and video security system and integrate them so they work together seamlessly. This enables you to be proactive in situations such as a door breach or intruder because your access control can trigger a security camera and send an instant notification to your dispatch, designated smartphone, and/or radio. Depending on the type of radio, you can even view live video footage where suspicious activity is taking place. 

Avigilon solutions are designed, developed, and manufactured at state-of-the-art facilities in the US and Canada* and are NDAA-Compliant. This helps to ensure quality control and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process and enables continuous, accelerated innovation.

What used to take minutes or hours can now be accomplished almost instantly. This is the value of a converged technology solution from ERS Wireless.

Today’s technologically advanced video security cameras can: 

  • Send voice and text alerts to two-way radios or cell phones 
  • Track a person of interest across a campus or other location 
  • Offer live-streaming video notifications 
  • Provide cloud-based storage and analytics  
  • Protect your property and everyone on it


With on-premise and cloud video security solutions from industry-leading camera manufacturers such as Avigilon and Pelco, you can count on ERS Wireless for a video security solution that empowers you with real-time awareness and the ability to better protect your facility, assets, and people.  

*Many of Avigilon’s products are designed and manufactured in North America using globally sourced materials. With manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Canada. The Avigilon “Designed and manufactured in North America” claim applies only to products from our Richmond, British Columbia and Richardson, Texas facilities.

Access Control

Create a safer, more secure environment with a cloud-based Avigilon Access Control solution. Protect your building, people, and assets by reducing the risk of unauthorized intrusion with an access control solution offers convenient access for authorized users, simple access management, and easy integrations to other security systems such as video. 

Video Management Software

Integrate and unify security technology with state-of-the-art video management software that monitors events, manages footage, and makes it easy to collaborate. Critical communications and video security solutions add up to awareness, safety, and connection. 


CommandCentral Aware

Converged technology in your command center provides a complete and integrated picture of what is happening at any moment. The command centers of today and tomorrow feature AI-powered monitoring and alerts, intuitive dispatch, cloud-based video security, and more in one convenient and intelligent platform. 

CommandCenter Aware Enterprise from Motorola Solutions includes software applications that can streamline both critical and non-critical service and security on a single platform. It brings together disparate technology to improve response times and uncover the latest operational insights. 

Mobile Video Systems

ERS Wireless showcases integrated mobile video systems that give you the information you need for security and efficiency from your mobile device. Body-worn cameras and in-car systems strengthen security on the go, protecting first responders and the communities they serve.