Dispatch Consoles


Connect dispatchers and first responders with centralized communications

From 911 dispatch consoles to public safety dispatch consoles, our radio dispatch solutions offer a central communication solution so you can easily deliver and receive information and mobilize support in the case of severe weather, community emergencies, and public safety events.

Many airports, manufacturers, event venues, hospitals, K-12 schools, and universities use dispatch communications consoles to ensure staff are always informed with the right information so they can respond to situations as quickly as possible.  

ERS Wireless has extensive experience designing dispatch operation centers for businesses and government agencies, small and large, and it represents the Motorola and Avtec Scout™ family of console solutions. We also offer dispatch furniture along with public safety dispatch consoles for your emergency operations center.

Public Safety

Public safety dispatch consoles from PremierOne Dispatch, Spillman Flex, and Avtec integrate your security technology to connect and coordinate first responders. 

With high-quality audio and advanced messaging, you can ensure the right information gets through to the right personnel. Public safety dispatch consoles can be customized to your dispatch needs and merged with public safety technology for intelligent routing and response.

PremierOne Dispatch Consoles

Spillman Flex Dispatch Consoles

Avtec Scout Enterprise Dispatch Consoles


ERS Wireless offers a complete range of commercial dispatch consoles from Motorola Solutions, Avtec, and RAVE Mobility that enhance information exchange in both everyday and emergency situations. Commercial dispatch solutions can be integrated with your organization’s broad-based technology to support service and security.

CommandCentral Aware Enterprise

Avtec Scout Enterprise Dispatch Consoles

Rave Mobile Safety