Protect your business with Motorola Solutions ActiveEye advanced cybersecurity platform. ActiveEye offers a systematic approach to mitigate risks. Secure your organization today and tomorrow with converged technology that protects against the growing number of cyber threats.

Cybersecurity costs businesses in more ways than one: The average cost of a data breach in 2023 reached $4.45 million worldwide, a 15% increase in just three years, according to IBM. Meanwhile, the costs of cyber insurance continue to skyrocket.

ERS Wireless can help your organization integrate the ActiveEye Managed Security Platform from Motorola Solutions. This cloud-based cybersecurity solution is quick and easy to integrate with your existing security solutions so you can recognize and respond to cyber threats before they turn into serious issues. 

ERS Wireless partners with Motorola Solutions 24/7 cyber experts to help you stay ahead of cyber threats.