Antenna Site Management

Antenna Site Management offered by ERS Wireless presents a lucrative opportunity to monetize rooftop space effectively while minimizing the time and effort required from your staff. From initial site evaluation to contract negotiations, marketing, installation, and billing, we can show you how to provide recurring revenue from your rooftop with minimal time from your staff. 

Generating telecommunications revenue from rooftop space—often underutilized—is a growing opportunity for companies of all sizes and industries. At ERS Wireless, we guide you through a streamlined process to support increased business potential and revenue growth for your organization. 

Our comprehensive approach begins with initial site evaluations to identify the optimal setup for antenna placement. We handle contract negotiations with potential tenants, ensuring favorable terms that maximize revenue potential. Our expertise extends to marketing strategies tailored to attract telecom partners, enhancing visibility and demand for your rooftop space.

We also oversee the entire installation process, from structural assessments to compliance with safety regulations, ensuring seamless implementation without disrupting your operations. ERS Wireless also provides financial guidance, offering solutions for financing options that align with your budgetary needs.

Throughout this process, we prioritize your convenience and profitability, offering ongoing support and management to maintain long-term tenant relationships and optimize revenue streams from your rooftop assets. Whether you’re exploring new revenue opportunities or seeking to enhance existing partnerships, our dedicated team is committed to delivering tailored solutions that drive sustainable growth for your organization.