Unified fire safety solutions technology and
communications to protect teams and communities

For firefighters, communications equipment is the lifeline. With integrated fire department radio communications, ERS Wireless offers voice, video, and data communications equipment that are proven to work in the harsh environments firefighters enter.

Firefighters offer heroic services to communities
across the country every day.

Supporting the critical work of firefighters and fire departments, Motorola fire department radios from ERS Wireless are an advanced, durable, and integrated solution for fire departments.

Mission-critical communication solutions from ERS Wireless for fire teams include:

  • MOTOTRBO radios with the durability firefighters require on the go; two-way radios from Motorola Solutions feature outstanding range, built-in GPS options, long battery life, noise-canceling options, and more to integrate with life-saving technology
  • Motorola APX P25 radios are purpose-built for first responders. From the radio housing material, color options, oversized controls, accelerated workflows, and streamlined interfaces, firefighters can stay connected, informed, and safe with P25 radios. 
  • WAVE PTX for public safety is carrier-independent broadband push-to-talk that includes remote monitoring, ambient listening, and multimedia communications
  • Headsets that offer hands-free conversations and hearing protection while maintaining situational awareness. 
  • Fire station alerting allows   advanced speed and safety for first responders with streamlined integration designed to reduce stress and improve response times.
  • Avigilon end-to-end video security solutions for public safety agencies are designed to seamlessly integrate with other safety and security technology to help simplify processes. With built-in intelligence, video footage that used to take hours to sort through can now be sorted in minutes. 
  • Body-worn cameras built to withstand rough conditions, last through long shifts, and live-stream evidence over LTE. 
  • Light bars for emergency vehicles are a heavy-duty, weatherproof option for lighting the way when time is of the essence; ERS Wireless can install and integrate light bars with other technology.

ERS Wireless helps empower firefighters to better serve their communities with reliable communications equipment that keeps them informed, connected, and safe.


ERS Wireless has been serving public safety agencies since 1948 and is proud to offer industry-leading voice, video security, and command center technologies as well as the services to support them. We admire your passion for serving the communities we live, work, and play in, and we strive to provide you with the communications tools you need to do your job as efficiently and safely as possible.