Public Safety

Creating safer communities with voice, video, and data solutions.

Our mission is to help people communicate to improve the public’s safety and efficiency through the effective integration of wireless technology.

Empower your first responders with integrated voice, video, and data solutions so they’re equipped with the right information in the moments that matter most. 

ERS Wireless for Public Safety


When emergency situations arise, it’s important that various agencies can work together from awareness, to response, and resolution. ERS Wireless can help you implement voice, video, and data communication systems that offer effective collaboration between agencies. 


Converged Technologies for Safer Firegrounds. When every second counts, it’s urgent to know your firefighters are equipped with communications equipment that will keep them connected and informed, but also alert you if the firefighter is down. ERS Wireless is proud to offer firefighters Motorola APX Series radios that are designed for extreme environments. 


Many times, law enforcement officers are the first point of contact to the public during emergency situations. They’re also the first line of defense when situations escalate. We can help you improve situational awareness, stay connected to dispatch and other first responders to ensure safer outcomes. 

911 Dispatch Centers

Emergency Call Management Software helps dispatchers prioritize and record incident calls, coordinate incoming data, identify the status and location of first responders in the field to effectively dispatch responders to the scene. ERS Wireless can helps dispatch centers implement software integrations for Incident Awareness, Incident Management, and Post-incident Resolution.  

Local Government

Technology such as video cameras strategically placed throughout city streets, parks, and public spaces can help municipalities ensure their citizens feel safe. From Motorola Radio systems, Avigilon Video Security, Access Control, Concealed Weapons Detection, and Weather Warning Sirens- we can help your municipality use technology to create a safer and more secure environment that offers citizens and visitors peace-of-mind.


ERS Wireless is a Motorola Solutions Platinum Channel Partner, Motorola Solutions Premier Service Elite Partner, and an Avigilon+ Partner. We are proud to provide trained technicians, 24/7 response, and local service to public safety organizations across the Midwest.