Integrated voice, video security, and incident
management systems for schools.

Safeguard students and staff.
Advance learning and education.
Enhance connectivity and connections. 

ERS Wireless helps school districts of all sizes enhance safety and security by integrating radio, video security, access control, incident management, concealed weapons detection, and dispatch technologies that enable them to be more proactive to everyday and emergency situations.  

ERS Wireless Safe Schools


Integrated technology solutions for K-12
create safer and more connected schools.

School two-way radios, access control, and data solutions help administrators, teachers, and staff connect and communicate across campus. 

Enhancing security and connectivity, ERS Wireless helps schools with: 

  • Access Control & Identity Management: Access control, key management, locks, panic alarms, physical security equipment  
  • Video Security & AI-powered Video Analytics: On-prem and cloud-based video surveillance cameras, License Plate Recognition (LPR), intelligent video analytics, intuitive video management systems 
  • Halo Smart Sensors: Detect vape, marijuana (THC), CO2, chemicals and gas, and more 
  • Concealed Weapons Detection: Touchless weapons screening system   
  • Voice and Data Communications: MOTOTRBO radios and broadband push-to-talk communications  
  • Incident Management and Dispatch Consoles 

The Motorola Safety and Security Ecosystem Portfolio

The Motorola Safety and Security Ecosystem Portfolio for K-12 delivers next-generation security and connectivity for the next generation. Offering converged technologies on a single platform to improve security, reduce costs, and enhance critical communications. 

Managed services for K-12

Many schools like the convenience of an ERS Managed Service. This service is a custom solution that allows schools to obtain the safety and security equipment they need now, without an upfront capital investment. It includes equipment, installation, maintenance, and technical supportall for a pre-determined monthly cost.  

Featured Product


A smart radio for businesses that are always on, the MOTOTRBO Ion converges voice and broadband data to simplify team communications. With an open app system and integrated technology, the Ion is secure, dependable, and connected with high-end audio and customizable features for organizations of all sizes. 

Colleges and Universities

Voice, video security, and incident management
systems for higher education.

From protests, hate crimes, sexual assaults, active shooters, and everyday emergencies, campus emergency situations have been on the rise. ERS Wireless is here to help. As a system integrator of critical radio communications, video security, incident management, and dispatch, we’re helping higher education campuses implement the safety and security technologies they need to have real-time visibility of what’s happening on campus and respond to situations more prepared.  

Providing comprehensive communications and connections, ERS Wireless supports colleges and universities with: 

  • Motorola APX Public Safety Radios & MOTOTRBO Commercial Radios. 
  • Video Surveillance & Analytics  
  • Concealed Weapons Detection 
  • Access Control 
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR) – Know who is on campus 
  • CAD/ Dispatch 
  • CommandCentral – Situational awareness & real-time intelligence software 

ERS Managed Services for Colleges and Universities

An ERS Managed Service Agreement covers all equipment, installation, maintenance, and technical support-making it easy to budget. Your campus will receive priority service, technical support, and annual preventative maintenance. Contact us to learn more about ERS Wireless managed service 


ERS WIRELESS: Voice, Video & Data Technology for SAFER SCHOOLS



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Let ERS Wireless help your school implement an integrated voice, video security, and incident management system that enables you to be more proactive to potential threats.