Installation and Project Management

Implementing a new system can be a daunting task. The ERS Wireless Installation and Project Management teams are here to ensure this is a smooth process. Our project management team will guide you through the planning, staging, installation, cutover, and end-user training of your communications system. 

ERS Wireless specializes in designing, installing, and managing a variety of voice, video, and data technology platforms. Partnering with a Systems Integrator is essential to ensure projects are completed smoothly and meet manufacturer standards. As a Systems Integrator, we combine different voice, video security, and data systems into a cohesive unit, helping our customers align their security technology with their business strategies and overall safety plans.

From single-site to multi-site radio system installations to oice, video security, access control, and dispatch systems, our knowledgeable staff makes sure  your system is designed and installed to manufacturer standards. To gain the benefits of complex voice, video, and data technology, these systems should be planned, implemented, and maintained properly. When you partner with ERS Wireless, you will have peace of mind knowing your communication system is being guided and managed by industry experts

Lori Sweet

Project Manager