Commercial Radios​

Commercial radios from ERS Wireless make it easy to connect with teams across locations, safeguard people and properties, and increase productivity and efficiency. We integrate commercial radios with your other technology platforms so you can communicate and connect at all times. 

Motorola MOTOTRBO commercial radios are and come with a variety of models to support your organization’s specific needs. With MOTOTRBO two-way radios, you can increase safety, productivity, and efficiency.  

Public Safety Radios

ERS Wireless has over 75 years of experience meeting the mission-critical requirements of public safety, public service, and government customers. As a Motorola Solutions Manufacturer Representative and Federal Agent, we offer Motorola P25 Radio Systems as well as the service to support those systems. P25 public safety radios from Motorola Solutions connect teams to ensure clear communication when and where it matters most. 

MOTOTRBO Radio Systems

MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus

Get more performance and more productivity with MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus, a digital trunking solution that extends your two-way radio system without the cost of additional infrastructure or technology. This smart software gives your team the ability to share voice and data on the same system. 

MOTOTRBO Capacity Max

Growing along with your organization, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max supports up to 250 sites and 3,000 users per site as well as the critical communications and reliable technology you have come to count on. Designed to minimize cost and maximize performance, this smart solution brings together technology that supports your growth and innovation. 

MOTOTRBO Capacity IP Site Connect

Expand the coverage of your radio system across the city, state, or country using MOTOTRBO IP Site Connect. This technology allows you to connect up to 100 people and 15 MOTOTRBO repeaters across locations, and roam between locations with no manual intervention.   


TRBOconnect is a wide-area radio push-to-talk and broadband network owned and operated by ERS Wireless. It offers wide-area coverage throughout most of Indiana and Northern Kentucky. With options to lease airtime, or lease equipment and airtime, this service is a great option for many businesses.


Wide Area and Broadband 

Wide area and broadband solutions from ERS Wireless connect your teams with safe and efficient communications technology. Converged technology integrates teams, ensures safety on the go, and makes it easy and affordable to connect across the locations. 

Radio Accessories

ERS Wireless offers a comprehensive range of two-way radio accessories for all major brands, designed to enhance safety and productivity. Two-way radio accessories offer hands-free access, amplify sound, and make it easier to communicate and connect. All accessories can be integrated with your other technology platforms and solutions to support critical communications and on-the-go access. 

Dispatch Consoles

Dispatch consoles from ERS Wireless connect dispatchers and first responders to enhance communications and provide a critical safety link. A trusted technology integrator across the Midwest, ERS Wireless integrates dispatch consoles with public safety equipment, solutions, and technology to put safety and communities first. 


Is your organization struggling with in-building communications or communications in hard-to-reach areas such as stairwells, parking garages, and elevators? 

A bidirectional amplifier (BDA) and distributed antenna system (DAS) can increase the strength and range of your current system to grow safety and connection. 

Radio Towers

Tower Construction

From site acquisition to tower construction and more, ERS Wireless has extensive experience with radio tower development and maintenance. 

Tower Maintenance

We perform all kinds of tower maintenance. Our inspectors are fully qualified and experienced tower hands.