Physical Security Screening in Hospitals with Evolv Express® Concealed Weapons Detection 

Did you know that 75% of nearly 25,000 workplace assaults occur annually in healthcare settings?* 

The main areas that hospitals notice violent acts include the Emergency Room (ER), Behavioral Health, Parking Lots and Green Spaces, Labor and Delivery, and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), however, most hospital workplace violence occurs in the ER Department.  

Technology such as Evolv Express ® concealed weapons detection (CWD) can help healthcare facilities ensure that everyone entering feels safer and more protected.  Evolv Express combines advanced sensors, cameras, and AI to identify potential threats. Once a potential threat, such as a handgun or long knife, is identified real-time image-aided alerts show security staff exactly where the potential threat is located on a person or in their bag. This can be done very quickly and accurately, without requiring guests to slow down or empty their bags. Evolv Express can scan up to 4,000 people per hour when walking through at a natural pace- carrying their cellphones, backpacks, purses and other items. 

Fast, Efficient Weapons Screening: 
  • Screens up to 4,000 people/hour, which is 10x faster than traditional metal detectors!  


Simple Operation enabling Faster Resolution: 
  • Real-time view of the exact location of potential threats on a person (or in their bag) enables quick resolution.  


Flexible Deployment Options:  
  • Evolv Express can be used Indoors or Outdoors. It is easy to set up and move where it’s needed. It is available in a single-lane or dual-lane configuration.  


Integration & Performance Analytics: 
  • While many weapons screening systems are disparate, the Evolv Express Concealed Weapons Detection solution can integrate with your broader security infrastructure. This allows for improved planning by utilizing the analytics dashboard to improve traffic flow at every entrance.  

ERS Wireless is an Evolv Technologies Select Partner and has helped several hospitals implement concealed weapons detection at their ER entrance and Main entrance and it helps alleviate anxiety of staff, while offering peace of mind to patients and guests.  


*Source: American Journal of Managed Care.