Did You Know…Your Motorola Solutions Body Cameras Can Connect with Your APX Radios?

At ERS Wireless it is our job to stay ahead of what is next with intelligent public safety solutions, so we can share the latest technologies to keep you and our communities safe. When confronted with an emergency, you need to act fast, and you need your technology to support you.

Did you know Motorola Solutions’ APX two-way radios and the V700 and V300 body-worn cameras can work together to capture video evidence when it matters most? Your APX two-way radio is a lifeline while you are out patrolling. When you depress the radio’s big orange emergency button for urgent assistance, that call button can now be linked via Bluetooth to automatically trigger your body-worn camera to start recording.

The ability to automate and reduce an officer’s workload in stressful situations is essential. Simply integrating radio and body camera technology results in the ability to seamlessly capture video evidence in critical situations. Whether you are looking to support a prosecution, educate the community, or enhance officer safety and training, it is vital that you get video evidence of potentially life-threatening situations.

Automation: Reduce officers’ workload in emergency situations
Accountability: Capture video evidence when officers are under threat
Cross Connection: Get more from your wireless technology

Feature Description:

  • Body camera and radio are connected by secure Bluetooth link.
  • When APX radio enters Emergency mode, body camera is automatically triggered to start recording.
  • Radio’s Emergency mode can be initiated from orange emergency call button and, when configured, the APX Man Down feature.
  • Emergency mode will continue on the APX radio until canceled with long press of the emergency call button.
  • Body camera will continue to record until start/stop button on camera is pressed or grouped in-car video system stops recording.
  • In pooled deployments, Bluetooth pairing is required at the beginning of each shift. In assigned deployments, Bluetooth pairing will be preserved.

Compatible Products:

Body Cameras:

  • V700
  • V300

Two-Way Radios: (Non-HazLoc Models Only)

  • APX 8000, 8000XE, models 2.5 and 3.5
  • APX 7000, APX 7000XE, models 2.5 and 3.5
  • APX 6000, 6000XE, models 2.5 and 3.5
  • APX 4000, models 2 and 3