Wide Area and Broadband 


Wide Area and Broadband

Wide area and broadband solutions from ERS Wireless connect your teams with safe and efficient voice and data communications locally, statewide, or nationwide. Converged technology integrates teams, ensures safety on the go, and makes it easy and affordable to connect across locations. 

Wide Area and Broadband

ERS Wireless offers wide area and broadband solutions to extend your reach, secure team communications, and increase productivity and safety. We can help you install, update, or service your wide area and broadband communications solutions so they always provide peak performance. 


Broadband Push-to-Talk [WAVE PTX]

WAVE PTX for Public Safety

Critical Connect

Kodiak Broadband Push-to-Talk

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ERS Wireless is a Motorola Premier Service Partner and Certified Service Center. Our technical staff provide quality service to optimize the performance of your communications equipment.