Tackling the Vaping Epidemic in Schools with HALO Smart Sensors 

Vaping has rapidly become a significant issue in high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools across the United States. What began as a trendy alternative to smoking has turned into a serious health concern. The sleek, often discreet design of vaping devices makes them easy to hide, enabling students to use them in bathrooms, […]

Arming Schools with Technology: Exploring Concealed Weapons Detection Systems

Concealed Weapons Detection from ERS Wireless adds a layer of security to schools, which allows students and faculty to start their day with peace of mind. ERS Wireless has partnered with numerous school districts throughout Indiana and Northern Kentucky to design, install, and maintain integrated technology solutions that offer a proactive approach to safety and […]

ERS Wireless Radio Rentals help Motion Picture Production Team

You may already know that ERS Wireless is recognized throughout Indiana and Northern Kentucky for designing, installing and maintaining a variety of sophisticated integrated voice, video and data solutions for public safety agencies, schools, hospitals and manufacturers. But did you know ERS Wireless is also a reliable resource for radio rentals? ERS Wireless maintains a […]